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"Not Going Back":
Tracey Moroney
Start Weight: 97.7kg
Goal Achieved: 90.3kg
Fat Loss: 7.4kg
Reduced 2.4% body fat

Before I started I was worried about the attitude of the staff and gym patrons - I thought they might be judgmental. That is certainly not how it is. The staff are friendly and encouraging and members are at the gym for a purpose and are interested in getting on with their own goals.

I have found the whole experience much easier than I had thought it would be. When I had a few extra days away from the gym over Christmas, I started to think it was going to be really hard when I returned. It was nonsense as when I returned I immediately remembered how much I really enjoy it.

Tracey Moroney


"Complete Transformation"
Quentin Calleja
Start Weight: 100kg
Goal Achieved: 81kg
Fat Loss: 19kg
Reduced 11.6% body fat

My biggest challenges during the 12 months at Gym Tonic were embracing new goals and going for them. Taking the advice from the trainers and adapting to new challenges and routines.

My biggest improvements during the 12 months at Gym Tonic were made shortly after each program update

I feel incredibly confident, like the momentum has gathered more and more as I've stuck to the program.

Gym tonic has been a wonderful experience, very convenient, positively, supportive and friendly. The trainers have been very friendly, the 24/7 allows me to still workout even if I have a busy day.

Quentin Calleja


"Total Body Transformation"
Lisa Sheldrake
Start Weight: 80.2kg
Goal Achieved: 58.6kg
Fat Loss: 21.6kg
Reduced 11.5% body fat

I started at gym tonic when I was at my heaviest. I weighed 83kg 40% BF.
I felt tired all the time, constant aches and pains. I was out of breath very easily.

From my initial starting weight to where I am today I have lost a total of 25kg.
My health is a lot better and my outlook on life. I have gained confidence again. Joining gym tonic is the best thing I did. I can’t say this place has ever let me down.
The staff are all friendly, I always get support when needed. I very much feel like family. Its atmosphere and environment is not intimidating and I have made so many new friends since joining. It’s really great to be a member here.

Lisa Sheldrake

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